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Anita Price grew up in Drammen, where she still lives and works. She started photographing in 2012. In the beginning, she found her subjects in nature and has taken part in many photography courses and workshops with some of Norway's best nature photographers, including Tom Schandy and Baard Næss. She had her first exhibition in 2017 at a local gallery and has exhibited several times at "Kunst elva rundt" in Drammen. In 2023 she exhibited photos from her project "Grålysning" at Gallery Cyan in Oslo. She is a member of Drammen Photo Club and in 2019 and 2022 she was named "Photographer of the Year". Anita has won several awards for her photographs both nationally and internationally, for example a first place in the Nordic Photography Championship and two first places in The Margaret Cameron Award from 2021. Anita is currently and for the last two years working on a project photographing self-portraits. In that regard she has participated in several mentoring programs to evolve as an art photographer, mentioning workshops with the renowned photographer Morten Krogvold and NORDphotography. She is also working on other projects, like portraying people and creating abstract nature photos. 

"I have loved photography for as long as I can remember, and have always been fascinated by the photographic form of expression, and its ability to convey emotions and move us. Photography has helped me through tough times in life. When I photograph I go to my happy place, it’s my peace of mind."

- Anita Price

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